Great place to cool off in the 93+ temps

On Aug. 12, an IMAX theater opened in South Brevard.

Earlier in the week, several contractors and workers were busy testing sound, popping popcorn, and installing fluorescent blue rope lights at Carmike West Melbourne 12 at Hammock Landing. Employees dressed in kelly Green T-shirts smiled and said, “Welcome to the movies.”

Carmike’s grand opening was Wednesday — “Guardians of the Galaxy” in 3-D was the movie du jour.

Carmike West Melbourne 12, owned by Carmike Cinemas, has 11 movie screens and one IMAX theater, which seats 460 people with a screen that’s 65 feet wide and 3 1/2 stories tall, said general manager Clayton Snell. The arm rests are movable, the leather seats are cushion-y and recline, and “they’ve got a new theater smell, too,” he said.

The other auditoriums boast the same style of seats, just without the leather.

Moviegoers who pay extra for IMAX: when the sound system is at its max — 11,000 watts of power — the theater shakes. “When the bass hits and the lightning strikes in the movies,” Snell said, “you’re going to feel it.”

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