Who is the luxury Buyer and what do they really want?

We live in a world in which the barriers to international business relationships have

declined. Global affluence has gained a measurable commonality thanks to social media

and the Internet. This has given us a world of connected affluent people discovering

what matters through common experience and expertise.

The luxury consumer is no longer associated simply with opulence. The emerging trend

is the desire to live life to the fullest. They are living a life based on passions that guide

their lifestyle. These seven passions are:

1. LIVE: Down time, good health, stress relief, yoga, massage, spas, and lifestyle


2. PLAY: Explore, do and see as much as possible, travel

3. LEARN: Seeking improvement, performance driving schools, cooking schools,

experience things related to all of the senses

4. LOVE: Emotional connection to the purchase, enhancing the role of memories

and emotions, special family time

5. HOST: an integral aspect of luxury living is Entertaining

6. EAT: This category outperforms all of the others. Young affluent consumers are

passionate about food and eating. Artisanal food products, farm to table, organic

wine all translate into state of the art smart kitchens

7. WORK: Self worth comes from success and the new passion is workspaces at


For many of us, the home is not just a place to lay down your head, but the bedrock of

our experiences in life. It speaks to your passions, your goals and enables the lifestyle

you envision. Luxury real estate is a facilitator of life’s greatest pleasures, be it travelling

the globe, tasting world-class cuisine or simply spending time with loved ones. The art of

understanding the luxury buyer is being comfortable with the lifestyle and the passions

that dictate their choices.

Stephanie Dandridge, 321.243.1218

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