An inside look at Brevard’s most remarkable homes (Florida Today)

Hacienda del Sol on Merritt Island is offered for sale

When you imagine the home of your dreams, what do you see? Do you envision a European castle or a luxurious penthouse in your favorite, faraway city? What about a computerized estate like the one Bill Gates owns in Washington state, where you can change the artwork on the walls with the touch of a button? Or maybe you admire the efficiency of micro-apartments with moving walls that allow multiple rooms to fit in the space of one room, a design concept that’s been realized in Hong Kong.

The fantasy homes that immediately come to mind during daydreams might be a plane ride away, but it turns out there are many unique homes hidden in plain sight nearby in Brevard County — places people might drive past without taking a second glance and wondering what’s inside.

Brevard is full of fascinating homes, including not only lavish estates but also more affordable homes with creative architecture and furniture.

Here are some of the most remarkable homes in Brevard.

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